Watch Out for Toxic Fragrances

934Recent laboratory tests on 17 name brand fragrances (such as Bath & Body Works, Chanel, Old Spice, and Calvin Klein) proved unsettling; on average, each product had 14 chemicals that were not listed on the label. Common synthetic musks, parabens, and phthalates that were not listed on the labels of these fragrances can cause allergic reactions, reproductive problems and can disrupt hormones.*

Rather than run the risk of misting yourself with fragrances that contain unknown chemicals, consider making your own natural fragrances at home. In a clean spray bottle mix organic, sugar-free cooking vanilla with an essential oil of your choice. Experiment with oils like rose or lavender, shake and spritz!

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Perfume bottle | ©Eivind Lindseth | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License