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  • Alkalize
  • Hydrate
  • Detox
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"Turn the Walking Habit into a Walking Cure"

Dr. Don Kim

In this life-changing Daily Walking Cure Program, Dr. Kim guides you through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways of walking. You will do over 17 different types of walking techniques to improve diabetes, hypertension, obesity, depression, emotional trauma, spiritual misalignment, and back pain, so that you can improve your health, stay active, and feel great.

  • Holistic Walking habits
  • Eliminates high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Educates on juicing, nutrients, and body detox

Walking Cure

Coming Soon

Over the last several years, hundreds of people have gone through this program and transformed their lives. Many have cured their chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and acid reflux and weight problems, just to name a few.

Many have come to terms with their past emotional hurts and improved their self esteem and confidence. More importantly, many have improved their relationships with loved ones. And above all, many have restored their spirituality and relationship with a higher power.

Transformation is a gradual process. Research shows that it takes 18 repetitions of an action to make it a habit. In this program, we will practice new habits 63 times each to make sure they become permanent parts of your healthier and happier life. We will build on the program week by week, adding new principles slowly to make sure that you are making changes gradually and comfortably.

This is a 10 Day Basic Challenge (Create Daily Walking Habits), 21 Day Advanced Challenge (Cure Chronic Illness), 31 Day Ultimate Challenge (Overcome your biggest health challenges), 31 Day Be the Best Shape of Your Life (Achieve your impossible dreams). I am really busy with a website for this wellness program but I am excited to show you soon.

Dr. Don Kim, your cheerleader

  • Liliana Herrera –
    Lost 41 lbs. / 10 inches

    “I now have a lot more energy and no longer have headaches. My sugar levels in the AM are now normal. I have less back pain, and I feel happier. I completely changed my eating habits – I eat fruits and vegetables for all of my meals. I now see all fast and junk food as poison.”

  • Gigi Guevara –
    Lost 30 lbs. / 5 inches

    “Walking Cure changed my life. I no longer drink coffee, have less sugar cravings, and no longer need steroid shots. This program helped me believe in myself and taught me the importance of getting healthy on the inside and out. I now appreciate my body and am now the driver of my health!”

  • Jennifer Richter –
    Lost 17 lbs. / 2 inches

    “Walking Cure helped me lose weight and also decreased my neck, back, knee, and foot pain. The team and group support helped my stay on course, while allowing me to gain new friends!”

  • Adriana Ortiz –
    Lost 9 lbs. / 1 inch

    “I now am less stressed. Walking has decreased my back and foot pain drastically. I am more mindful of what I eat now, and I drink a lot more water. I now feel better physically and emotionally, and these healthy habits I adopted have carried over to my family life.”

10-day Challenge walking Cure Program

The Proven Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build the Walking Habit