Three Words to Reduce Nervousness

1556The next time you feel nervous, try turning those negative feelings into feelings of excitement by saying three little words out loud, “I am excited!” Nervousness and excitement both have similar effects on your body, so it’s not a stretch for your body to channel feelings of nervousness into feelings of excitement. In a Harvard Business School study, 400 participants performed better doing nerve-racking activities, such as public speaking, once they stopped telling themselves to calm down and allowed themselves to get excited.*

Chronic nervousness, which can cause heart palpitations, chest pains and lightheadedness, is known as anxiety. Feelings of anxiety can be soothed by taking deep breaths, stretching and confiding in a trusted friend about your worrisome thoughts and feelings.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | ElCapitanBSC | Excited! | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike license