Active Parents Make for Active Children

Families form the core of many running groups... her a Mom with her kids smiles into the camera.Exercise is just as important for kids as it is for adults; it aids in weight control, prevents diseases and improves brain function. Unfortunately, many adults become less active once they have children, however, a recent study focused on 4-year-olds and their mothers is begging for change in exercise habits. The study proved that the activity levels between a child and mother are closely linked.*

If you want your children to embrace exercise, then resist the inclination to make it a necessary chore. Instead, have fun together by taking active walks, hiking, swimming and exploring the outdoors. By enjoying your exercise time together, you increase the chances of having your kids adopt a healthy fitness attitude for life.

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Photo | “Families form the core of many running groups… her a Mom with her kids smiles into the camera.” | ©Mike Baird | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License