Achieve Your Goals Through Visualization

“The more you visualize yourself having achieved your goals, the more your brain decides that this is the real you and the more it works to promote the behavior that drives this to be true.”
-Kelly Traver, MD

Whatever your goals may be, visualize images of you already having achieved them. Visualizing wills your brain and behavior to turn your dreams into reality. Start visualizing positive goals and potential achievements today!

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Amazing Health Benefits of Biofeedback

biofeedbackJust as a scale informs you if you’ve gained weight and a thermometer lets you know if you’re running a fever, biofeedback allows people to gain insight into their internal stats. Through the use of a biofeedback machine, patients can monitor readings for blood pressure, heart rate, and even muscle tension. Studies show that when people are empowered with this type of information, they are able to improve their symptoms through efforts like relaxation techniques and modified behavior.*

Biofeedback has helped people battle anxiety, asthma, nausea, stress and epilepsy because it helps people control their body’s natural fight or flight instinct. If you think you could benefit from biofeedback therapy, discuss options with your doctor.

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Dr. Kim

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Be Aware to Change

“Awareness is the key to change. Once we are aware of something, it cannot remain the same. Awareness plus small changes in our automatic behaviors can produce large changes over time.”

– Jan Chozen Bays, MD

If you want to change your behavior for the better, you first need to be aware that you need to change. The moment you are aware, your behavior will automatically change over time. Try this on something small that you want to change today!

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Dr. Kim

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