You May Have Food Allergies

If you regularly experience allergic reactions such as eczema, hives, hay fever, asthma attacks, diarrhea and plain not feeling good, you may have a food allergy to one of the many common allergenic foods: dairy products, soy, eggs, peanuts, wheat, shellfish, corn and strawberries.  Most of us are at least mildly allergic to synthetic colors and chemical additives found in packaged and canned goods.[1]

If you have the above allergy symptoms, quit all the common allergen foods for three weeks.  Then, reintroduce one food at a time slowly back into your diet. You will notice the allergic causing food right away.

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Flush Your Nose

Do you feel a flu coming on? Do you have a stuffy nose? Are your sinuses bothering you? Try flushing your nose with natural salt to clear up these problems. Natural salt sinus flushes are very effective in fighting the flu, sinus infections, hay fever, sore throats, runny noses, bronchitis and asthma.* Especially during the flu season, sinus flushes can combat and prevent illness.

Try a sinus flush today using these methods: combine one-half cup warm water with one-half teaspoon of natural salt. Inhale the salt water into each of your nostrils, one at a time, and spit the liquid out though your mouth. You will notice your nose clearing up right away!

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Dr. Kim


* “Nasal Irrigation.”