Radishes Radiate Good Health

2583828776_a1925fa5ab_oProviding you with 25% of the daily-recommended dosage of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, copper and folate, radishes help you maintain strong bones and teeth. Radishes also can improve your respiratory health, rebuild tissues, and regulate your blood pressure. With antifungal and detoxifying properties, the compounds in radishes can also soothe irritated skin.*

With a peppery bite and nice crunch, radishes are a good compliment to a chopped salad or can be served as a snack in place of chips and with different dips. Making the effort to incorporate different veggies into your diet will ensure that your body is getting a variety of nutrients and staying healthy.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | “Radishes” | ©the Italian voice | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License