Post-Workout Headaches

1454We exercise to feel great, so it’s understandable that a post-workout headache can be discouraging. Understanding what is causing your headaches is the first step. For example, sharp spikes in blood pressure can cause headaches. This is why it is so important to ease into exercise with stretching and warming up. Exercise also dilates the blood vessels in your body. This too can trigger a headache, especially if you are working out at a high elevation or in high heat.*

Post-workout headaches can also be caused by dips in blood sugar or dehydration. Make sure you eat a balanced snack with protein, fat and carbohydrates about an hour before you exercise, and commit to drinking enough water before and after your workout.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Sarah | (169/365) Urrghh…. | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License