More Melatonin for Your Health

899Melatonin is a hormone commonly linked to proper sleep, but did you know that it can help fight off cancer, diabetes and heart disease too? Melatonin increases “beige fat” which is a fat that promotes your body to burn calories rather than store them. Studies also find that melatonin calms reproductive hormones; and as a result, melatonin is being linked to protecting you against sex hormone driven cancers (like ovarian, breast and prostate cancer). *

Since turning on the lights stops your body’s production and release of melatonin, keep lights dim in the evening and completely off when you go to sleep. You can find melatonin in supplements, but for a natural dose, eat some cherries, which are packed with this healthy hormone.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Sleep Manna | ©Dr. S. Don Kim