Magical Mangosteens

999Mangosteens are tropical fruit (the size of tangerines) that are both high in fiber and low in calories. Thanks to their high potassium content, mangosteens can lower your risk of heart disease by regulating your blood pressure and helping to control your heart rate. Xanthones, a powerful antioxidant found in mangosteens, can also fight pain, infections, skin disorders, fatigue and even allergies.*

When purchasing mangosteens (found in most Asian markets), look for fresh looking green stems and dark purple skin. Be sure to avoid blotchy looking skin. Gently cut the fruit lengthwise, similar to the way in which you would prepare an avocado. Mangosteens can be enjoyed raw, and because they are so sweet, they are perfect for dessert!

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Photo | Mangosteens | ©Bob Richman | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License