What about your work do you enjoy?

I find building relationships with my patients and the trust that comes along with it, incredibly fulfilling. It is rewarding to be close with my patients; people are shocked when I call them to check up on them. I’m just that kind of doctor. I try to I break the wall between doctor and patient, and I always strive for good communication by showing my patients that I care about them.

In my office, it is not uncommon to have someone cry on my shoulder, whether because of family, financial, or health issues. How does this happen? Simple. I take the time to ask every one of my patients, “How are you doing?” …and they open up. For me, it is so rewarding that I can be both their doctor and their friend. I love seeing my patients grow to be healthy and happy, and I’m lucky to be a part of that.

What made you interested in Holistic Medicine and becoming a Holistic Podiatrist?

About twenty years ago, I noticed a trend. A lot of my patients were dealing with complications from their surgeries. People kept limping, and they did not heal properly. I searched for answers, and then it became clear; these patients were sick, and they would not get better until they dealt with their underlying, chronic issues. Some of these patients were obese, some were on a lot of medication, others had emotional problems holding them back. And so, I started to approach my work from a holistic, or whole body, perspective.

Building on my formal education, I started researching many different disciplines of medicine, including Chinese, Indian, and American Indian. In a way, now, my patients are getting the best of both worlds. I still use drugs and surgery, which are standards of American treatment methods, but my approach is with a focus on the whole body, not just symptoms. The key to health is to find the root cause of a problem and work to heal it.

Now, before I begin any treatments, I ask my patient questions about their lifestyle. Are they drinking enough water? Are they resting and sleeping well? Are they eating properly? Are they thinking in a positive way? If there are any problems in these areas, I make sure we tend to them first. In addition to traditional medicine, I use herbal medicine too. I seek treatment methods that encourage the body to participate and heal itself. Now, after my years of research of Holistic medicine and practice, I have started writing books about nutrition, exercise, emotional and spiritual health.