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This is a hidden blessing of a book. Dr. Kim is a truly inspired healer and breaks down our own capacity to heal ourselves in a nine week format. Dr. Kim references many sources in his book, but is able to put it all together to make simple sense out of the miraculous inner workings of our mind, body and spirit. This book changed my life.

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I read this book three times. It has information about everything from how our body and mind works to what to eat and what not to eat. I learned very important information about health I should know by reading this book. Thumps up!

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Excellent wellness massages and brief health tips helping us keep on track with our diet, supplements and medication(s). I highly recommend this download and sincerely revere Dr. Kim’s dedication in his healing techniques and illness prevention.

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After 26 years as a podiatrist, I’m a huge advocate of natural, holistic Chinese medicine, and I know what truly works when it comes to natural, fast foot pain relief.

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