Dried Plums for Colon Cancer

1428This year, it is predicted that colon cancer will be the cause of nearly 50,000 deaths it the U.S. Eating dried plums is a natural way to reduce this risk. In an animal study, rats that were fed dried plums reduced the amount of harmful bacteria in their guts. The plum-diet also reduced signs of precancerous lesions, thus reducing the risk of developing colon cancer.*

If you have a dehydrator, you can dry your plums at home. Simply slice your plums halfway, remove their pits and place the slices on your dehydrator cut-side up. Once the slices have been dehydrated and are completely dry, pack them in glass jars or thick freezer bags for storage.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | Alan Levine | Plum Plum | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License