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9 Secrets Book Series

Nine Secrets of Health Book

After 12 years of research, 7 years of teaching natural healing, and leading hundreds of seminars, Nine Secrets of Health is finally ready for publication. Inspiring and passionate, this groundbreaking book reveals nine secrets of physical, mental and spiritual health, and provides a guide to unlocking all of your power to heal. Dr. Kim reveals the secrets of regaining control over your health naturally while eliminating medications and freeing yourself from disease.

1 Minute Wellness Messages: Quick Wellness Tips for Busy People

1 Minute Wellness Messages are quick tips aimed at inspiring you to get and keep your whole self healthy. You'll find great tips on tasty food selection, safe and effective exercise, mental and spiritual health, attaining and maintaining a healthy weight, and natural beauty. Get ready to use your God-given ability to heal and rebuild all aspects of your health and wellness. Read these uplifting messages first thing in the morning and see what a difference one easy change per day can make in your health and beauty.

Walking Cure

A Walk-to-Wellness Challenge to Overcome Obesity, Back Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, Insomnia, Stress, Emotional Trauma and Spiritual Misalignment. Just as the title suggests, Walking Cure will help you eliminate health problems by simply walking. This 10-DAY, 21-DAY and 31-DAY walking-to-wellness program will guide you to better health without the use of prescription drugs or drastic measures. With daily logs and an action guide, the informative text and interactive workbook will empower you to take control of your wellbeing. Join this journey to wellness, let’s get healthy together and reclaim our lives one step at a time.

9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Your Nagging Foot Pain

Get Ready to Walk

As humans, we are designed to walk. Heavy weight-lifting and the latest aerobic exercise can whip us into shape, but no activity is as natural or important as walking. Foot pain and diseases can get in the way of your natural ability to walk and negatively affect your health. This book will teach you ways to treat common ailments, monitor your foot health, and keep your feet strong through stretching, so you can stay active in your everyday life. Let’s get ready to walk!

Heel Pain Epidemic

Heel pain is an epidemic that many suffer through needlessly. Thousands of my patients have come to my office with the complaint. Are you waking up in the morning, unable to walk across the room without pain? Is it hard to drive your car or are you avoiding participation in sports and exercise? Heel pain may be preventing you from living an active, fulfilling life and may be contributing to health problems. This book is your guide to recovery. You will gain an understanding of foot anatomy and causes of the heel pain epidemic through quick summaries. Simple, easy remedies provided in specific steps will help you solve your heel pain problems and get back on your feet!
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