Avoid Canned Foods Packed with Sodium

993Your kidneys work to regulate your body’s sodium levels; however when there is too much sodium, your kidneys can’t keep up on filtration. Excess sodium increases your blood volume, which puts pressure on the walls of your blood vessels (i.e. high blood pressure). The more pressure your blood vessels are under, the less elastic they become, which further heightens your risk of hardened arteries, a heart attack, and/or stroke.*

You best bet to reduce salt intake is to cook with fresh (not canned) vegetables. If you enjoy the convenience of canned veggies, opt for no-salt added alternatives; also be sure to rinse your canned products well before using. Keep in mind that there are salt-free herb blends (like Mrs. Dash) that pack plenty of flavors without the sodium punch!

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Photo | Canned | ©F Delventhal | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License