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How to prevent & cure serious illness

The 30-Day Walking Challenge

Walking is one of the best types of 'medicine' we have to help prevent diabetes, or reduce its severity and potential complications such as heart attack and stroke if you already have it.


  • Join the Walking Cure Program and find out how something as innate and natural as walking can cure chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia, stress, emotional trauma and spiritual misalignment.
  • The Walking Cure is life changing, inspiring, and will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to form long-lasting habits to lead a healthy, active life!
All attendees will receive 50% off Kim Holistic Foot & Ankle Center products purchased at the seminar


Rubi Arevalo

Lost 12 lbs/ 4 inches

The program gave me a meaningful lifestyle to help myself and others. I recommend this program to everyone looking to change their lives in all levels. Spiritual, health, strong bodies, motivation. This program is awesome. Changes your mindset, wakes up your spirit, and brings fire to your life.

Lynn Stearns

Lost 11 lbs/ 5 inches

I was struggling with my toes and weight. Dr. Kim told me a healthy way of eating. And I started drink Water. Dr. Kim’s programs and influence have changed my bad habits. This program helped me get out of the house! Helped me connect with my friends while walking and believe in myself.

How Walking Can Cure:

  • Obesity | Back Pain


    Hypertension Depression

    Insomnia | Stress

    Emotional Trauma