A Healthy Bite of Dark Chocolate

chocolateThe high levels of flavonols found in dark chocolate have been known to improve glucose regulation, which can protect you from developing Type 2 Diabetes. The dark chocolate flavonols known as oligomeric procyandins have been credited as being the most effective at controlling glucose levels. Another study, conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, also found that dark chocolate can be linked to lowered blood pressure and decreased insulin resistance.*

Don’t just add dark chocolate to your diet, instead you should swap it out for an already-sugary treat. Remember that the closer your cocoa is to a natural state, the healthier it is, so make an effort to choose raw, dark versions over milk chocolate varieties whenever you snack.

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Dr. Kim

Photo | “Chocolat de Bonnat tasting” | ©Everjean | Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License