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Dr. Kim's
"9 Easy Ways to eliminate Foot Pain"

Dr. Kim is the author of the best selling books

    Come and ask what the 9 secrets are to treating and preventing your foot problems and improve your quality of life!

  • In Dr. Don Kim's informative seminar, he will help you improve your life by providing 9 easy ways to heal your foot pain and problems.

  • If you have trouble with ingrown nails, calluses or corns, a visit to Dr. Don Kim's seminar will arm you with all the simple treatments and remedies you need to heal and prevent your foot problems.

  • This seminar can also help you gain an understanding of the causes and cures for bunions and hammertoes.

All attendees will receive 50% off Kim Foot products purchased at the seminar


“This seminar is very informative, entertaining, simple to understand and nonthreatening. This was a Super Session everyone should experience.”

- Peter Prucnel

“I truly believe in this seminar that Dr. Kim does. Dr. Kim is very informative and gives people lots of hope.”

- Felicia Jeans